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Shoptuck Fingerbot Plus

Shoptuck Fingerbot Plus

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Product Description

Shoptuck Fingerbot Plus retrofits an unprecedented range of buttons and switches to be smart. With its advanced control methods, including voice control, automation, timers, and customized loops. Shoptuck Fingerbot is your best companion to make your traditional appliances smart.


  • High Compatibility: Perform excellent on any type of button with the device itself. It can also control the rocker and toggle switch with the help of Toolpack (sold separately). Select a mode in the app and automatically trigger your button anytime you want. If you wish to know more details.
  • Easy installation and setup: Use Bluetooth to link Fingerbot with your phone. Then tape the Fingerbot with a 3M sticker next to the button/switch you want to control. Wait for 24 hours for consolidation, and you are good to go.
  • Extend reach with HomeHub: With the help of HomeHub. You can control the Fingerbot from anywhere worldwide as long as there’s an internet connection. And it supports voice control from Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri.
  • Timers/Schedules: Set a countdown or weekly schedule to trigger the Fingerbot. Free your workforce when you are busy, away from the phone, or while you are asleep.
  • Touch control: A touchable panel on the top of Fingerbot allows you to trigger it manually. If you don’t have your phone in hand or simply don’t want to take it out.
  • More fun with the program mode: define a program with combinations of arm movements and pauses, and the robot will repeat it for as long as you want!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Sarah E
Very happy

So I rent, and I moved into a flat with off-peak electricity. This means that for 7 hours during the night I get a cheaper rate of electricity. However the trigger for this to come on at night was broken. This meant that my boiler, which heated up through electricity was insanely expensive. The fix for this was the fingerbot, I stuck it on the switch and scheduled it to come on at 12.30am and turn off at 7.30am so my water would heat up. This means that I am able to heat up my water on the cheaper rate. Doing this has already payed back for the fingerbot! So you guys saved me money. I also have electric heaters in the bedroom and office that you can’t schedule or programme, however putting the fingerbot on the switch meant I can now schedule the rooms to heat up before I wake up! I can be nice and warm in the morning. This product is great for automation in renting as it can easily be removed when you have to move out.

Dean Hearn
5 stars

Living in a spacious penthouse with direct lift access is undoubtedly a luxury, but it can sometimes present unique challenges. One such challenge I faced was the inconvenience of calling the lift for guests, especially during gatherings or when my keyfob wasn't functioning properly. That's when I discovered this device, and it has been a game-changer.

This smart home tool is simple yet highly effective. I placed the fingerbot on my elevator call button, and with a little bit of setup, I managed to integrate it with Google Assistant. Now, all I have to do is say, "Hey Google, call the lift," and the SwitchBot does the job for me. It's an impressive and fun solution to a practical issue.

As a self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, I appreciate the innovation behind this product. The device is easy to install and set up, and it has consistently performed without any issues. The device's small size and discreet design make it an unobtrusive addition to my smart home ecosystem.

Overall, I'm thrilled with my purchase and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a creative and efficient way to solve similar problems in their homes. This nifty gadget has earned a well-deserved 5-star rating for its functionality and seamless integration into my smart home setup.

Mr D
Worth it

I use it to control the air conditioning in our spare/ office room. I am energy conscious and also don’t like distracting myself when I need AC (or heating) on or off. So, I set this up instead. I now say ‘AC please’ and it turns it on or off. In winter I’ll shift it to the heating button and do the same. I also have a ‘leaving the house’ shortcut I run, so I can say ‘leaving the house’ and it will run the ‘AC please’ shortcut as well as a few others, which means everything is turned off before I leave the house. No more accidentally leaving the AC or heating running in the spare/office room during the day.


The idea behind this device is brilliant, as it provides an easy automation for so many manual tasks. The device is easy to install, especially with the 3M adhesive tapes included in the package. Setting up the device within the app is also easy and quick and the app is good enough to automate various tasks in a various ways. If you need to, you can remove the device and reapply as the tapes are good and strong enough to reuse them. If you have the hub, you can integrate it with Google Home or Alexa and it works quite well with those. Some less great things about this device is that it requires a hub to integrate with Google Home or Alexa. Will 100% recommend.

David Mills
Love this gadget

Love this gadget as I don’t need to get out of my bed to turn off the light at night, you can do many adjustments on the app setting for how hard it press and timer to press, it small but very powerful, will handle majority of the switch no problem, can be fit almost anywhere even my washing dryer, highly recommend